Best Investment Guide For Zambians

Learn how to buy and sell Gold, Platinum and Silver securely legally and safely online in Zambia

Are you looking for money making online investments? Okay, there are plenty of ways you can make money online.



I don’t want you to waste your time on stuff which won’t work well for you in Zambia such as forex trading, though.

So I have made this article for you!. In this article, you are going to learn how to buy and sell Gold, Platinum and Silver securely legally and safely online in Zambia for profits.

How to make profits by buying and selling Gold, Platinum and Silver in Zambia

The main purpose of all businesses in Zambia is to make profit, well am sure even you, you are not going to buy Gold or Platinum or Silver for keeping just but for profit. So how do you make profits?.

For example let us say 3.574kg of Silver is being sold at €471 today and you decide to buy now. Then after some hours or days or weeks or months or years or when ever you want to sell it then you happen to find that the value has increased from €471 to €691. So this can be the good time to sell your Silver and you can get to have 220 PROFIT.

To continue making profits, you just have to repeat the above by selling and buying not only Silver but also Gold and Platinum in Zambia online.

How To Get Started

For this you need to have a smartphone but I prefer a laptop, you are going to be buying and selling online therefore you will not need to have physical access to the assets you are buying or selling unless you request for them.

How do you buy and sell Gold, Platinum and Silver online in Zambia?

Well there is no Zambian company that can help us with that, but there is always a solution for everything. Here is the company I recommend and I work with for my buying and selling online in Zambia.



To buy and sell Gold, Platinum and Silver, I use bullion vault in Zambia online.

What is bullion vault Company?

BullionVault lets private investors access the professional bullion markets around the world. You can take advantage of the lowest purchase, sale and storage costs for gold and silver.

BullionVault is the world’s largest online investment gold service with over 75,000 users taking care of $2 billion. It is part-owned by both GBIT and Fintech plc Augmentum.

Bars are stored in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York’s professional-market vaults. You decide where to go. Due to our size, you benefit from the low cost of storage we have negotiated, which always includes insurance.

You can sell without penalty at any time, and the next business day your money will be wired. You can withdraw your bars as well.

BullionVault is quick and straightforward. Within about 2 hours you could own any amount of physical gold and silver bullion.

Bullion Vault review
Bullion Vault review

About Bullion Vault

According to their ABOUT US page, there are saying …

Galmarley Limited [name origin] owns the BullionVault service, which is company number 4943684 registered in England and Wales at 7th Floor, 3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DA.

Our website services are managed, hosted and delivered to you by the wholly owned subsidiary of Galmarley BullionVault Ltd, which is company number 07400400 also registered at 7th Floor, 3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DA, England and Wales.



Our computers are run from our offices in London. Our live service is hosted in London, while our back up systems and data are maintained by other international locations.

Our offices are located in West London (UK) and during normal office hours we welcome callers. You don’t need a rendezvous, but usually making one will save you some waiting time.

Bullion Vault has been operating from 2005 to 2020

bullion vault reviews
bullion vault reviews

Bullion Vault is legit and real. It has 83% of reviews as excellent over 15 years of service.

BullionVault is the world’s largest online market for physical gold and silver, offering private investors the cheapest access to and storage of investment grade bullion.
The property of each user shall be stored in secure, specialist vaults in London, New York, Toronto, Singapore and Zurich at unbeaten low cost. The unique Daily Audit by BullionVault then proves the complete allocation of customer property – safe and sound, inside the vault – every day.

BullionVault was launched in April 2005 and is a full member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) professional trade body. Winner of a 2009 award for innovation in private access to the bullion market, BullionVault received a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise this April, this time for International Trade following a 140 percent increase in overseas sales in four years.

BullionVault has now been used by more than 75,000 people to buy, store and trade physical gold, silver and platinum. Between them, they own more gold bullion than most central banks in the world, and by weight, nearly 20 times as much silver.

How to register or create an account with Bullion Vault in Zambia

Simply click on the link below and create an account, verify your email address, you can also verify your identity in advance.

or click here



How to buy and sell Gold, Platinum and Silver online in Zambia with Bullionvault.

How to buy the cheaper way

Bullion Vault Frequently Asked questions

Why are BullionVault prices so much better than the competition?

You’ll have seen the current prices for buying gold, and selling, on our front page. At the moment, in ounces, it’s about [Sell] $1,720.02 – $1,721.58 [Buy]. Where do our gold, silver and platinum prices come from?

They come from other BullionVault users, just like you.

BullionVault offers a marketplace exchange in accredited, pre-vaulted, privately owned, professional market bullion. You get to deal directly with another user who wants to sell when you want to buy, and vice-versa. You both save money by cutting out the middleman, both when you buy and when you sell.

It’s easy too. You’ll check the price on a price chart, choose your own dealing limit price, and enter your order.

The more competitive the price you post the higher your chance of doing a deal, and if you offer to pay the price at which somebody is already offering (the ‘Buy‘ price, or ‘Best Offer‘ – here $1,721.58) you’ll deal straight away.

There is 24/7 competition between users to offer each other the best price. That’s why BullionVault prices are genuinely ‘competitive’.

Our website makes using an exchange very simple and safe for you, and people from all over the world have quickly got the hang of it and empowered themselves to deal gold cheaper. Open exchanges and competing quotes get you better prices. That’s why we do it this way. But if you’re a bit nervous just call us. We’re more than happy to help you through your deal on the telephone.

How deep is BullionVault’s liquidity?

BullionVault offers you exceptionally reliable and deep liquidity through four complementary channels.

  1. The best price is usually offered by another BullionVault user. You deal direct with them, cutting out the middleman to your mutual advantage. This direct client-to-client dealing accounts for about 65% of trading volume on BullionVault.However clients aren’t forced to quote great prices, so about 35% of the time our own price is better for you. That means you’ll trade directly with BullionVault itself – via one of our robots.
  2. ‘Robots’ are computer programs which receive an electronic price feed and use it to quote prices on the BullionVault Order Board in just the same way as you and other clients do. Ours manage BullionVault’s own $40 million inventory. Robots are subject to the same limitations as you, which means they can only sell what they already own physically in the vault, or buy with their cleared cash balance. You buy from them, or sell to them, just like you would directly with another client, but only while they offer a better price. It’s as simple as that.BullionVault’s robots usually quote prices in larger quantities than most clients do; sufficient to deal $2m worth instantaneously when world bullion markets are open. In normal circumstances they quote prices 24/7 and offer the most dependable and instantly accessible medium-size liquidity of any bullion trading environment anywhere in the world.Clients with an interest in computer programming often develop robots for themselves and use them to trade like professional dealers. This brings yet more liquidity to the marketplace.
  3. Sometimes, like on the day Lehman Brothers went bust, clients acquire all the immediately available stock from our robots. Although we immediately buy new stock to replace what was sold it takes 48 hours to be delivered, and because the gold is not yet in the vault the robots have no stock to sell.At such times you benefit enormously from the access BullionVault gives you to the liquidity of the full depth of the London market. You can enter an order to buy or sell at the benchmark prices published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). These prices represent the deepest daily pool of bullion market liquidity in the world – typically restricted just to professionals, which is why you access it through us.We allow you to buy or sell as much gold as you want at the Daily Price, and we take onto our own stock the rounded up fraction of a 400 oz bar.The London Prices published by the LBMA are used widely all around the world.
  4. Finally we offer a special service for larger clients. They can telephone deal through us directly on the London Spot Market. During the London trading day they can deal whole bars of gold (400 oz multiples), half pallets of silver (16,000 oz multiples) or a minimum of 16 kg of platinum at the world market price.You might not realise how this service for wealthy customers contributes to your liquidity; but it does.Suppose a wealthy client had 400 oz of gold in BullionVault already, but with heavy demand from buyers there were few offers on the Order Board. The cheapest gold on BullionVault would start to drift above the world market price, as bidders bid over the world price. But the wealthy client can execute a spot market order to buy at the world market price, and offer the gold they already own in the vault to other BullionVault users for a small but easy profit.That’s natural market forces being used to keep liquidity flowing at fair prices – and it works on BullionVault because anyone who can make settlement to the main market, in whole bars, can use the main market as a source or sink of bullion.

We believe the best way to offer you highly reliable and fairly priced liquidity is to open channels to the largest number of market participants and back it up with access to the deepest markets. Most of our competitors provide you with a single counterparty – themselves – and this reflects in their pricing. So if reliable liquidity at fair prices is what you are looking for, then BullionVault sets the standard.

Main market trades in options 3 and 4 incur a two business day settlement delay and have a different fee structure. Please see the tariff.

Is BullionVault open- or closed-ended?

BullionVault is open-ended. An inbound or outbound armoured delivery is run whenever there are several bars to collect or deliver. Usually this is about twice a week.

BullionVault itself is the main user of this open-ended structure, which lets us manage our own inventory to act as a buffer between the smaller investment sizes typical of retail investors, and the larger settlement quanta of the professional bullion market.

However any BullionVault user who wishes to make or take delivery of 1 bar of gold (400 oz), a half pallet of silver (16,000 oz) or a minimum of 16 kg of platinum can use the same open-ended nature of the system by settling their professional spot market trades directly into or out of the vault.

How does BullionVault compare to coins/bars and ETFs?

Compared to coins and small bars

Coins and small bars are normally 7% more expensive than gold on BullionVault. Dealers also tend to buy back at a discount of about 1%. BullionVault prices can be compared reliably against the published spot price. Our gold buying and selling prices are usually well within 0.2% of spot, and silver and platinum within 1%.

Although storing coins and small bars at home is free, it is not usually the wise geopolitical option. You will probably need to arrange your own insurance. For gold this is likely to be 10 times as much as BullionVault’s combined storage and insurance fee of 0.12% for gold.

Compared to ETFs (Exchange-traded funds)

With ETFs, you never actually own physical gold. According to their trust deeds some ETFs are not even backed by gold; they are designed to track the gold price using complex derivatives. At BullionVault, we don’t make something complex out of something simple. You own your gold.

With ETFs, you would pay a storage fee of around 0.40%, and most ETF gold is not insured, even within that fee. At BullionVault, storage and insurance costs just 0.12% per annum for gold.

The huge majority of ETF gold is stored in London and New York. The ETF manager chooses the jurisdiction – you don’t. At BullionVault, we believe a choice of storage jurisdictions is important – as is the ability to switch. We let you choose. About 75% of our users choose Zurich, in Switzerland.

ETFs are traded on major stock exchanges, which tend to be open 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They settle to your stockbroker in two or three days, who then settles with you. At BullionVault, we are open for dealing 24/7 with instantaneous settlement to your BullionVault account. A requested withdrawal to your bank account will usually be sent and arrive the following business day.

Who manages Bullionvault?

Acting through the Chief Executive the BullionVault Board directs company policy to be implemented by the management team.

The management team is:Paul TustainChairmanRobert GlynneChief ExecutiveJustina PrytulaFinance DirectorDavid HemmingsCTO (Chief Technology Officer)Adrian AshResearch DirectorMaria VengutHead of Customer ServicesDaniel JayMarketing DirectorJohnny StewartProduct & Operations DirectorFlora NguHead of Trading

In total the company employs 32 people at its London office.

Is BullionVault a safe organisation to do business with?

Having first won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, for Innovation, in 2009, BullionVault again won in 2013 for International Trade. The award is conferred by the UK’s Prime Minister on behalf of the Queen.

Both BullionVault and its vault operators are full members of the London Bullion Market Association, [LBMA]. The LBMA forms the largest marketplace in the world for physical gold bullion.

BullionVault is also a member of the London Platinum and Palladium Market, [LPPM]. The LPPM is a trade association that acts as the markets principal point of contact with regulators and other official bodies, such as HM Revenue and Customs.

BullionVault is ranked number 11 in the 2012 Sunday Times TopTrack 250 league table of Britain’s leading private companies.

BullionVault operates without gearing and carries sufficient surplus shareholders funds – held as cash and available at short notice – to operate with zero revenue for five years. For full financial figures please download the latest audited financial statements.

BullionVault publishes up-to-date Bar Lists from the vault operators it uses and publishes on-line the daily reconciliation of those bar lists to the daily register of bullion owners – which includes your holding listed under your private alias.

BullionVault publishes up-to-date Client Money Bank Statements and publishes on-line the daily reconciliation of those statements to the daily register of client money owners – which includes your holding listed under your private alias.

BullionVault’s independent assayers are Alex Stewart International who annually inspect and reconcile the physical metal in the vault to the bar list, and report directly to BullionVault’s auditors Albert Goodman, who publish that report on their own website.

Although we communicate with the world via the internet BullionVault is a bricks-and-mortar business which welcomes your visit. Come to our offices at 3 Shortlands (7th Floor), Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, UK. You don’t need an appointment, although it would likely save you some waiting time.

What would happen if BullionVault failed?

Your ownership and title would not be affected, although there would likely be a short delay before you could realise its value, while a liquidator was appointed.

A liquidator could not claim title to your bullion. That’s because you are the legal owner of all gold, silver and platinum that you buy through BullionVault. BullionVault is acting as a custodian, which is a status that’s very different from your bank, and immeasurably safer for you.

With a bank account, you transfer ownership of your money to the bank when you make a deposit. Your money then appears on the bank’s balance sheet, and you become its creditor. The bank would become insolvent (and fail) if there were insufficient assets to meet the liabilities owed to all its creditors, and that tends to happen to banks periodically because their business is to lend your money for profit, not simply keep it in a vault.

You have not made a deposit of gold to BullionVault. You are not BullionVault’s creditor and do not appear on its balance sheet. Technically your gold, silver and platinum is the subject of a bailment – a legal status through which physical property remains yours while it is in the care of another. A liquidator cannot consider it an asset of the company, so would have no claim over it and must return it to you in full.

BullionVault’s finances are very strong. Very few companies maintain debt free cash and bullion reserves – available at short notice – sufficient to cover the gross costs of running their operation for five years without any revenue. The standard equivalent requirement for the banking industry is 3 months.

How can I be sure of the quality of the bullion?

Good delivery bars are manufactured by accredited refiners who are regularly subjected to double-blind tests by independent assayers. The bars spend their lives in accredited storage facilities and are transported only by accredited couriers.

They are the only form of gold automatically trusted upon receipt by professional buyers.

Once a year we send in independent specialist assayers who inspect the bullion and report to our auditors, who then publish the report on their own website for your inspection.

We are completely confident regarding the quality of the bullion in our care, and provide a full, permanent, 100% guarantee of its quality.

BullionVault gold bars are all of known weight and purity, which exceeds 99.5%. As with the rest of the professional bullion market only the pure gold content (gross weight * purity) is traded and recorded. The gold in your BullionVault account is therefore 100% pure.

Silver and platinum are different. Good delivery silver and platinum bars are refined to 99.9% purity or better for silver and 99.95% purity or better for platinum and traded at gross weight. The good delivery silver and platinum in your account is at least 99.9% or 99.95% pure, respectively.

How can I be sure the gold, silver or platinum is in the vault?

Your gold, silver and platinum are stored in formally recognised bullion storage facilities, managed by specialist vault operators who are leading providers of precious metal vault services and secure transportation around the world.

Professional market vault operators produce what is called a Bar List. It’s a bit like a bank statement, listing the account holder’s stock of bars, and showing both the silver content or fine gold or platinum content of each bar and the total amount of bullion held. We publish the bar lists produced by the vault operators for BullionVault users’ bullion.

BullionVault maintains the ownership records of all that bullion. Each day we publish online our daily register of owners, although we hide your identity by listing your holding against your alias. We also publish the total, and naturally the total matches the total on the bar list.

No other bullion business provides this daily and independent client-by-client proof that the right amounts of bullion are in the vault.

Is there any counterparty exposure?

No. BullionVault settles immediately.

Your gold, silver and platinum are already safely in your chosen vault when you go online to buy. You pay the seller immediately with the cleared funds that you previously deposited into the BullionVault Client Money trust account. Your money becomes theirs, and their gold becomes yours. BullionVault guarantees that the deal, payment, and receipt of gold happen together, or not at all.

With this speed of settlement you gain enormously in flexibility if ever you need to act quickly – for example to move your property urgently across international borders. On BullionVault you can switch your tangible property between vaults in seconds. Thats much faster than your bank.

Couldn’t BullionVault’s management suddenly authorise the removal of all the gold?

No. There are powerful controls.

First there are private protocols. We don’t publish the details of those but they involve authorisation by several people from multiple companies.

There is also a transparent public protocol. For a removal to occur a ‘Withdrawal Declaration’ must be published on the BullionVault website’s front page 24 hours before the bullion moves. This declaration identifies by alias the holder who is making the withdrawal. Any user can then check the published register to see that the withdrawing user has at least the quantity of gold which is being declared for withdrawal.

The vault operators are not allowed to complete a removal of bullion without confirming the validity of the public declaration for themselves.

Additionally under no circumstances can an amount exceeding the larger of 25 kg, or 5% of the total stored, be removed from the operator’s control on any one day.

How do I know your website is secure?

BullionVault uses a highly secure and encrypted system architecture in wide use across industry and government. But we all realise these systems are imperfect, so BullionVault goes further to protect your property even if someone were to gain access to your account.

‘Burglar alarm’: In the form of an SMS message sent to your mobile phone your Burglar Alarm can be set to sound whenever your account is accessed, or an order placed. It will always sound when a withdrawal request is entered, and before we wire your money. (A nominal charge of $0.20 per SMS applies.)

Your linked bank account: When you transfer funds from your bank account to BullionVault the two accounts are linked together. Outbound funds only go to your linked bank account, which can only be changed with a written endorsement from your new banker. Even if a third party were able to access your BullionVault account, they could only sell gold at the market price, and send the money back to you.

Do you need help getting started or have questions? feel free to contact me or comment below.

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