Ecwid hacks you didn't know to use in 2021

5 reasons why Ecwid is the best for all businesses

Use Ecwid to build your online store saves a lot of time and cash. No need to employ a developer and it takes five minutes to set up practice.

Reason 1: Five Minute Setup ecwid

It’s as simple as linking up your new shop to your existing website or Facebook page. If you don’t have a website, you can use Ecwid’s standard website to sell online without setting up and paying for hosting or a domain name. Through changing the CSS, you can also adjust the store’s look and feel.

Reason 2: An Extensive Ecwid Free Version

Ecwid’s is built on a freemium business model that ensures it’s free to use the service and once you’re in love with it (and you’re going to quickly) you can expand your stock and activate some awesome premium features at a very low monthly price. Let’s make a quick rundown of how much running a web store usually costs. We will use WordPress. For this example, WooCommerce is perhaps the most frequently used by small businesses around the world.
Next, purchase a domain name (about $10 per year) with an SSL to cover the shop (at least $90 to $400 per year).

You can either learn how to download WordPress yourself to set up a WooCommerce website and hire someone else to do it (around $1,000 to $5,000 plus based on how many items you want to add for a small business). To this, we can apply maintenance charges for back up the WooCommerce page and software periodically (say $500 a year).
Therefore, it could initially cost you between $1,100 and $5,500 to build a WooCommerce shop for WordPress, and then annual fees of $500 to manage and upgrade (unless you do it yourself).

It’s easy to do the same with Ecwid (up to 10 products). If you want, you can buy your domain name and download WordPress. But instead, you can use the Ecwid WordPress plugin if you use WooCommerce! In this case, the SSL is included.

Key Features of Ecwid Free Account

Languages. The front-end converts into over 50 languages including Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Catalan, Turkish and many others. The backend of the retailer is translated into English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Catalan, Romanian, Brazilian and Portuguese.
Operating with an Ecwid shop backend is much easier than working with a WooCommerce backend so you don’t need to employ a developer! If you have any concerns, you can also call Ecwid directly, they’re always there to lend a hand.

Any patches and backups need to be downloaded either. Ecwid is a SaaS (software as a service), implying a hard-working, dedicated team is constantly refining and upgrading it.
You’ll get a smartphone ready shop with a free Ecwid account where you can connect up to 10 items and two classes. Use it to sell without having to switch between several backend dashboards wherever you want online.

Ecwid Shipping options.

Tools for free delivery, include Fedex, UPS, Fedex, Canada Post, EMS, Russian Mail, Brazil Correios and MDS Collivery. You can also build a personalized delivery board, select flat-rate shipping costs and pick up locally.
Phase of checkout. Fast and streamlined with specific personalized email notifications (HTML editor). Email alerts provide order verification, updated order status, delivered order, active registration, key alert, installing e-goods (available in Venture accounts or higher) and other updates from the administration.

Ecwid Tax settings.

You can quickly and easily create your own tax settings
by local area (State/Province) or Country.

Choose from hundreds of different currencies available.

Social media.
Ecwid is compatible with Twitter cards and offers the
possibility to sell directly through Facebook, instagram, ebay and so on!

Ease of use.
One of Ecwid’s strongest points is it’s incredible user
interface that offers a smooths experience. The platform is well organized
and in flat design making it super quick to learn and very enjoyable to

Ecwid integrates with any websites, facebook, instagram etc

Product variants.
Ecwid supports various selection options such as
custom text fields and dates.

Payment methods.
Ecwid offers a ton of payment options, including

Reason 3:
Paid Options that Take Your Store to
the Next Level

The free version more than does the job but if you wish to offer coupon
codes, use Stripe, view abandoned carts, offer downloadable products,
sell on other marketplaces or benefit from their live chat for extra help,
then you need a paid account.

100% responsive on desktop and mobile.
Security. SSL protection included, even for free accounts.
Data analysis. Easy Google Analytics integration.

Reason 4:
A Time and Money Saving Business

Ecwid is an incredible sales platform for anyone with little programming
knowledge or a small e-commerce budget looking for a professional
store. Ecwid will save you a ton of money.

Save money:
– No need to purchase a website or a domain name.
– No need for any web hosting.
– No need to buy an SSL.
– Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth – for free.
– The paid versions of the product are very cheap for what they offer,
especially compared to Ecwid’s competition.

Save time:
– 5 minute setup.
– Ecwid is a very intuitive solution which will save you time on learning
how it works and eventually teaching it to your staff.
– Easily plug your Ecwid store into any website.

An innovative product:

– Ecwid is a SaaS (software as a service) so the product is constantly
updated without you having to install or modify anything.
– You can sell on Facebook!
– They have an API: developers can create apps available in Ecwid’s app
market allowing you to take your store even further.


Ecwid is a powerful, free e-commerce platform that can be set up in
less than five minutes. I do believe Ecwid is one of the best solutions to
sell your products, services or downloadable goods online. You can tell
the team behind the product is very focused and has achieved high
standards in terms of user experience. Ecwid is especially ideal for small
businesses needing to maintain their stores quickly and easily and who
do not wish to invest in expensive, overly-powerful solutions to sell

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