Ecwid hacks you didn't know to use in 2021

5 Ecwid hacks you didn’t know to use in 2021

Hacking isn’t a bad thing always. Hacking also means thinking outside of the box to more efficiently and cost-effectively use what you already know besides illegally infiltrating computers for unauthorized access to data. These hacks include the creation, reservation, and delivery of customized goods in an eBay-style market. Here you have some awesome time and money-saving tricks Ecwid can be incorporated in your online store today quickly and easily.

Use Ecwid to Build a Marketplace
Like eBay

I finally launched an online marketplace with a lean startup model, following a long search for a viable multi-seller marketplace solution. I’ve been looking for a free marketplace solution for days and weeks.
I wanted my sellers to run their shops independently without the need for extensive online sales skills or access to their intuitive sells backends.

Using Ecwid as a multi-vendor marketplace is ideal if:

– You want to find a new way of monetizing your blog on your niche.

– You need sales backends for your sellers.

–Most of the salespeople had never previously sold online.

– If your business model is based on sales commissions (though it is possible to make an online marketplace more expensive).

How to:

Let your sellers upload their goods to their own Ecwid stores and demand that the code of their stores be sent to you. Attach your website the software from every seller’s shop. Ensure that the shop codes are available in different pages because multiple shops can not be integrated into one page (one shop shows only the rest is code). You can view each shop as a blog post for example in WordPress to do this:

You can create images with links in Wix, Weebly or Squarespace that lead to individual pages containing the web code for each store. When having multiple stores on the same page is absolutely essential.

Allow Your Clients to Book Your
Services Online using Ecwid

You may be aware that Ecwid provides the form of input of the date picker. You can therefore choose a date to reach you by your clients and take advantage of your services. But if you’re free, how can they know?
Perhaps, you want to save time, stop odd e-mails and phone calls, in the most automatic booking process possible. You simply need to incorporate your digital calendar compatible with your product page. The answer to this question is straightforward.

Small businesses or individuals who take appointments such as:

– DJ’s
– caterers
– babysitters
– hairdressers
– house cleaners
– gardening services
– handyman services
– interior decorators
– rental services

Freelancers offering services such as:
– consultations
– personal assistance
– proofreading, editing, translations
Teachers or businesses offering classes such as (in person or on Skype):
– advanced computer courses
– gourmet cooking classes
Tip: The bonus here is that you get paid before your client arrives. Your
policy can state that you do not reimburse those who do not inform you
of cancellations 24h in advance, this saving time and money.

How to:

Start by adding your service to Ecwid then head over to
options and add a date picker input type and name the option Date.

Add the second option called Time, which includes a plain text field.
This is where your customer will tell you about the time they want to see you. Ensure that both these options are available.
The next thing you must do is to add the description to your electronic calendar. For instance, if you have a Google Calendar, enter the code on your calendar and paste it into the description of your product (recall < > to add it on the far right).
In the summary, add a small account for your customers about making a reservation (let them know that before they book with you they have to check your calendar, to make sure you’re free). And you got it there!

You will note the solutions that can support online reservations vary from 45 $to 300$/month if you do some basic research online. Many small businesses or freelancers have no such cash. Already you learn that you can do this on Ecwid for free.
Hint: You can have the inventory rate equate to a certain number of places to sell if you only have a certain amount of space accessible (for a class, for example). You won’t have any rooms left as long as the inventory reaches zero.

Tip: If you own a small business, gather the e-mails from your client and tell them to make time-saving digital bookings. You can also get the first online booking discount coupon!.

Accept Online Room Reservations using Ecwid

Doesn’t you have any extra space in your house? Why not lease out a Facebook page in this spare room? Through tandem with targeted ads, you can improve your way to make cash out of your empty space. All you need to remember is that each space you have to lease has a calendar for yourself.
The use of Ecwid to rent rooms is ideal for: bed & breakfasts, motels, companies and anyone who wishes to rent space (this can include a bedroom but also a band garage looking for a jam, your back yard for those who want to chill out in a cool setting, your kitchen for the needy or even a bathroom for people who just can’t find anyone in the new city they visit!)

How to:

Sign into Ecwid and create a product with the name of the
room. Add a Date field in the options and a text field called Time.

Build a calendar for each space or region you lease and type your product description with the code from the calendar, and you have done your work. Tip: You can include other choices like maintenance charges, storage products or meals at or without additional costs. Tip:

Think Outside the Box When you market intangible goods You may have found that the paid version of Ecwid can offer free objects. Why not sell more than eBooks with this great feature!.

This solution is ideal if:

– you sell downloadable products such as (eBooks but also):
– generic logos, icons
– templates, Code, Software
– your own music, photos
– video files, video games

How to:

to: Open a paid Ecwid account (all you need is a Venture Plan)
and add your downloadable product:

Your client will automatically receive their product once their payment
is sent to you.

Sell Customizable Goods using Ecwid

Thus, you have a customizable product and wish to streamline your client’s decision-making process. Are you conscious that Ecwid can?
I have a consumer who has spent hours seeking a free solution that incorporates a kind of survey and payment process. Nothing tickled his imagination from the PayPal buttons to solutions costing over $250 a month.
Just before I introduced Ecwid to him.

Using Ecwid to allow clients to personalise products ideal for:

– Those who have a product that can be customized.
– Those wishing to combine a survey and a payment method.

How to:

Only build as many alternative fields to collect all your customer’s data. You can also use the label’ Tea Base’ with the preference of red, yellow, black and oolong teas, for example, when offering personalized Tea Packages. The third option can be a text area where the buyer can apply customized logo to their product label, such as spice, hibiscos, lemon, lavender, rose, etc. The third option will be the text zone. The final option could be to offer the sum (e.g. 50 g at the base price, or 100 g for a certain quantity more than the base price).

Upon placing the order, all custom product information is sent to you by Ecwid via the regular automated address.
Why not get wild and merge it!
Why not build a regional Fiverr use Ecwid as a platform for freelancers from your town or area to offer and function together local services (downloadable)?
Dream you of the nextAirBnB? Why should Ecwid not be used?
Combine the hack of the market with the opportunity to rent a room for AirBnB, whether regional or more oriented!
You haven’t used a lot of junk? What about leasing the Ecwid shop for your stuff? Attach a date, time and place to lease your things and take advantage of your services clutter


Ecwid is an extremely flexible shopping cart system that is very easy to learn. All you need to do is to bring it beyond and above the currently incredible stage!

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