2021 Spike detector software for boom and crash

Download 2021 Spike detector software for boom and crash.

The SPIKE DETECTOR Trading System For Boom And crash is very reliable and easy to use

A novice in trading can use this

The New boom and crash spike system is a very powerful spike detecting software,with very awesome features, these features include:

1:Spike Alert 

2:Detects the spot where double or triple spikes occurs

3:Supports all Boom/crash Indices

4:Shows Entry and Exits Point

5:Allows Safe Swing trades on all Timeframes

6:Tested and works on other Indices including V75, V100 and Step Index

6:Small Equity can Grow their Accounts.

7:Trader can choose to take Profit When the first Spike takes place or hold to catch more Spike and close when the take profit arrow shows up

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